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Future of the Toronto Raptors

Being one of the younger teams in the NBA (in terms of franchise existence) combined with being the only team in Canada, The Toronto Raptors has had a history of underachieving as well as a difficult time holding onto big name players. this big problem is reason enough to suspect that an NBA team in Toronto might be in Jeoppardy. It seems that even in one of the biggest markets in North America, American players just don’t want to play here. Look at Alonzo Mourning who would have gotten paid 5 million dollars a year by the Raptors yet refused to even enter the city let alone play for the team. We couldn’t hold onto, Tracy, Vince,  Camby or attract other big names in the league. The combination of selfish attitudes and uneducated players led them to decide they’d rather play elsewhere in the States. And Yes I am a little bitter about it all.

That all being said the Raptors have probably had the most disappointing season ever after make a big off-season trade (acquiring Jermaine O’Neal) and most analysts pegged the raptors at being in the top 4 teams in the eastern conference. Currently they sit at 14 out of 15 teams in the east. Some blame it on injuries and others on coaching, but the end result is the same. They keep losing and it’s not that they are overmatched in skill. They just refuse to play a physical game and keep getting beat up. Our star player, Chris Bosh, has off-the-record, motioned toward not returning to the team and with Shawn Marion’s salary coming off the books it seems like we might have a lot of money to spend in the next few season….But on who?

There isn’t a great free agency market next year and the year ofter which is all the big hype, a lot of other teams are clearing salary space to make big signings. If other, American teams, are able to buy players how many stars will come to Toronto? The only way I can see to slavage the hole operation is to make some big moves and as fast as possible. Revamp the team from a bunch of unathletic yet skilled players to only a few skilled players with very athletic young players that can creat a lot more posessions for your team. Hopefully Colangelo and pull it off, his time as being a great decision maker and GM is coming close to an end.

I know it sounds pessimistic but there might not be a big bright future for the Toronto Raptors and I only hope that next season we can witness a miracle and return to a franchise with an upside as opposed to the seemingly downward spiral it looks like they’re in.


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